Led by the High Lord of the Iron Legion, Bel Tyranus, this organization is charged with enforcing the peace throughout Acharis by direction of the Coin Council. Equally known for their brutality as well for their efficiency, this martial force endlessly polices the streets and protects the interests Acharis and her citizens.

Organization Edit

Branches Edit

Operations Edit

The Operations branch coordinates all special mission units operating within Acharis and abroad.

Patrol Edit

The Patrol branch of the Iron Legion is made up primarily of the city guard.

Investigations Edit

Investigations is primarily responsible for investigating all crimes against Acharis. Particularly feared for their ruthless pursuit of the truth, members of this rank have little patience and low tolerance for anyone who gets in their way. They are known to efficiently solve crimes by any means necessary to include torture and aggressive alchemical and spellwork efforts.

Chain of Command Edit

Enlisted Edit

Recruit: Rank used to identify Legionnaires in training.

Private: Entry-level rank of the Iron Legion. Obligated to serve two years as guard duty.

Corporal: Rank awarded after two years of service.

Sergeant: After becoming a seasoned member of the Iron Legion and proving their worth, Sergeants are offered greater responsibilities as patrol leaders and opportunities among special mission units.

Deputy Sergeant: Individuals with this rank normally serve as second in command to their respective Senior Sergeants and Detectives within their unit.

Senior Sergeant: Equivalent in rank to Detectives, Senior Sergeants serve under the Operations and Patrol branches of the Iron Legion. Typically, members with this rank are special unit commanders, squad leaders, or serving as other supervisory roles.

Detective: Equivalent to the rank of Senior Sergeant, Detectives are lead investigators who oversee all criminal investigations in Acharis.

Commissioner: Most senior enlisted member of any branch. Only three members of the Iron Legion maintain this rank at any given time.

Officer Edit

Lieutenant: Entry level officer position typically assigned with common administrative of field duties.

Lieutenant Commander: Seasoned leaders who have proven effective and given more strenuous tasking.

Commander: Overall in charge of a special operations team or patrol shift.

Inspector: Overall in charge of a criminal investigative case or unit.

Lord Commander: Officer in charge of Patrol or Operations.

Chief Inspector: Officer in charge of Investigations.

High Lord of the Iron Legion: Commands the entirety of the Iron Legion and answers to only the Coin Council.