The Fallen Depths Edit

Fallen Depths

Located: At the bottom of a sinkhole in the city of Acharis, on the continent of Prakanda.

Theme: A water focused dungeon with several branches.

Sections Edit

Floor Zero Edit

Some of the poorest citizens of Acharis, who could not afford to move when the sink hole swallowed their homes live below the surface. They must attend with fear of monstrous sounds from below and raining of garbage as the holes has become the de facto dump of the city. They will help you grapple up to the surface, but are unlikely to help you with anything deeper in the pit.

Center Edit

The players can jump into deep water and swim to the shallows at the edges of the room. Something is feeding off the trash being dumped in (paranas, jelly, or otyughs). Players may also awake a hibernating dragon turtle that may offer information.

North-Easteast Edit

This is a disused naga temple. The first room as you enter these carved halls, is adorned by a statue. The north most room on the left is adorned with a shrine which grants a boon. A longer passage indicated by arrow leads out to the Scale Slip statue.

South-Easteast Edit

A passage heading somewhere into the city. 

South-Southeast Edit

Mostly flooded with a few islands. Contains a portal to the plane of water within it's depths. May contain elementals, sahuagins, and nagas. There is also a whirlpool to avoid.

South-Southwest Edit

A bog giant (northern cavern) and sea hag (southern cavern) have a tenuous alliance. Southern exit lets out under the docks and norther leads to the underdark, but both are flooded.

North-Northwest Edit

The north most room contains an artifact that is calling drowned sailors to walk towards it along the seabed. There is a shipwreck mysteriously in the room and the exit to the west leading deep out to sea. The zombie pirates and sailors cannot exit the water and will fall inactive if the artifact is removed from the area and onto shore. Disturbing the artifact may release a wraith.

The eastern exit narrows greatly, drops, ramps up, and after some more twists leads lets out into Skenheat lake.

North-Northeast Edit

Contains playful and kindly sprites. It eventually lets out inland near Broken Craigs.

Plot Hooks Edit

People are disappearing from the docks and there are some suspicious bones piling up between the sea hag and bog giant.

Skenheat's pond has sea creatures surfacing or starts to boil. You're sent to investigate and solve the problem.