A realm of ridged moral conduct, it is inhabited almost entirely be Angels, though other celestial outsiders do exist in Paradiso. Mortal souls never ascend to Paradiso and Apotheosis to angelhood is very uncommon. Few mortals meet the strict standards that the Angels of Paradiso hold themselves to. Luckily for most lawful good souls, Vita always welcomes the virtuous to Eden.  

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Angels Edit

To mortals, angels appear as idea humans with bird like wings and encircled by halos. In reality, this form is not the angel's true body. What mortals see is the angel's shadow, which exists in three dimensions. Just as a three dimensional person cast only a two dimensional shadow, an angel's true body has four dimensions and thus casts a three dimensional shadow. For all purposes, however, the angels shadow may as well be the angel themselves.

Angels in their true form are truly alien in appearance, looking like no life form imaginable. They are strange amalgamations of feathered wings, piercing eyes, human and animal faces, and strange geometric shapes called ophanim and merkabah that have height, width, depth, and more. Ophanim cast a shadow that mortals see as a halo. Mortals that see their true form describe them as "wheels within wheels", concentric rings that rotate into one another. Pentagrams and hexagrams are simple star shapes with 5 or 6 points drawn with 5 or 6 lines. Merkabah are these shapes realized in three (or four, as is the case with angels) dimensions.

Given how bizarre an angel looks to mortals, it is no wonder that they only allow their shadows to be seen.

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