Etape is a medium fantasy world. It contains unique sources of magic.

Magical Sources

Ley Lines

Ley lines are paths along which magical energies are emitted. The can be thought of like faults in tectonic plates. Magic is amplified along them due to the concentration of energy. Each ley line has a specific elemental energy.

Ruptures and Rifts

Abuse, disruptions, intersections can cause one of these different types of disturbances along ley lines

  1. elemental distortion: elements mixed/gone haywire
  2. wild magic: rift gone wrong; gravity, lights, and physics gone wrong
  3. void maw: energy drawn away; rift to eternal plane/arcane plane/darkness


Wizards study and understand properties; able to recreate those effects through magical script.

Sorcerers are their own ley lines; tied to larger strength as they grow closer to ley lines.


Clerics and Paladins: deities bestow power upon


Druids and Rangers: access primal forces

True Name Magic

Using words of power, true naming, and songs of power a melody can be created with a duet of arcane and divine, the harmony between chaos and order, and the beauty between good and evil.

Monks know their own true name, utilizing ki and body control.

Bard know other's true name and use it to inspire or manipulate.

Barbarians know the true name of chaos, totems or ancestors.


Magic Items

Etape is a world of fantasy and magic. It is no surprise that there exists a multitude of different magical weapons, armor, and artifacts across the lands.

Magic Creatures

Ley Lines have a high concentration of magical creatures.

Some villiages have a 'guardian' or 'patron' beast/creature, but most will stay away from civilization.


Commoners are aware of zombies, goblins and deities.

Commoners are not aware about details about vampires, werewolves, other uncommon monsters, troll weaknesses, and ley lines.

Commoners are aware of magic, but not how it works.