is a stronghold northeast at the foot of the cloudikiss peaks


the city was bild 1500BC with the name mountain hill village. after 300 years they found iron in the mountain next to the village and renamed de village to iron village. the village hat a population of 700 inhabitants before they had found iron.3 years later it hat already 20000 inhabitans. once again they changed the name of the village. to ironhime what it still has. still there were many inhabitans comming the city to work in the ironmine or exploit the workers of the mines from their money by  stealing, opening een shop, saloon, casino or this time ther ar kild evry week 5 to 40 inhabitans. but ironhine gros faster and faster after gold was also found in the mountain.  after 10 years it had 150000 inhabitans of which 50000 lived in tents. 500 years later the city was sacked and sacked agan and agan over a period of 20 years before it was conquered by orcs. for one year for rebels had captured it back. then they decided to build a wall around it and put a castle next to doing it the city gros aga fast.and thy bild a second wall around de city. 100 years later the city has 500000 inhabitans.  a nother 100 years later a part of the town burned down and kild mor dhan 5000 inhabitans.  500 years later  it hat 600000 inhabitans. now the city has nearly one million inhabitans. the city is now  the gambling capital of the dvulvash. with more than 50 casino's, and inhabitans from al ofer dvulvas even from other continents come to irnhime to gamble


Significant Locations

the strip: the place with the most casinos


districts of the city

  1. the strip: it has de most casinos of the city
  2. iron swacpol: Here stands the castle
  3. delva: ( dwarfs for a

term of endearment among the dwarves; also a form of gold nodule indigenous to the beor mountains that the dwarves greatly priz) :Here the rich live

  1. vasa: ( elvish for food) here are farmers



the inhabitans of irohine are humens, hafligs, dwarfs, gnomes and oder races