Overview Edit

These Quasi-Dieties are the patrons of an ancient Dragonborn religion that is still practiced on Prakanda. These beings were originally powerful true dragon spirits that were called from the afterlife by the needs of there kin. As such they can take the form of a True Dragon or a Dragonborn. The nature of there birth into divinity stunted the amount of power they developed. Indeed many only have one domain that they can influence. Another product of there birth is that they can only manifest in the material plane in a incorporeal forms.

There are many more gods (Dami) and goddess’s (I'llo) in the pantheon but their power waxes and wanes depending on the needs of the followers. No one knows if there is a deity for every domain that exists or if there is a more powerful being that decides which souls is taken to be elevated in such a way.

Listed here are the most commonly worshiped and coincidentally the most powerful and stable in the pantheon.

Known DeitiesEdit

Qelqiroth Dami Edit

alingment: NG Draconic Color: Red Favored Weapon: Long Sword Domain: Combat

Ophilarys I'llo Edit

Alignment: NG Draconic Color: Brass Favored Weapon: Dagger Domain: Healing

Fenbith I'llo Edit

Alignment: LG Draconic Color: Gold Favored Weapon: Spear Domain: Life

Uricoria I'llo Edit

Alignment: NG Draconic Color: Green Favored Weapon: Scicle Domain: Agriculture

Balrinn Dami Edit

Alignment: LG Draconic Color: Silver Favored Weapon: Natural Domain: Family

Valyries I'llo Edit

Alignment: NG Draconic Color: Green Favored Weapon: Long Spear Domain: Community

Tazrinn Dami Edit

Alignment: N Draconic Color: Unknown Favored Weapon: Mace Domain: Ancestry

Caluxan Dami Edit

Alighment: N Draconic Color: Gold Favored Weapon: Natural Domain: Magic

Relationships with Other Deities Edit

They are ignored. Viewed as nothing more than persistent spirits that found a way to leach power of the Dragonborn to extend there Draconic life and not real gods. Qelqiroth is the most well-known as he frequently challenges other deities of war and combat to duels attempting to better his skills and grow the reputation of the pantheon. They occasionally humor him and send a angelic champion in there steed.