A shipment of exotic and dangerous creatures have been brought over from the wild land of Typhon to the Great Bazaar, metropolis of Acharis. The adventurers are in the bazaar buying and selling their latest spoils when the beasts break out, rampage through the streets, and hide within or flee the city to the the foothills of Longtooth Craigs to the East. The party is tasked by the beastmaster to capture them for return and gives the party a potent poison to help gain control. 

Scene 1 Edit

Location - Etape Bazaar 

NPC - Matriarch of the Bazaar: Madame Khastri, a representative of the Gilded League organization. 

Event - RAMPAGE! The dinosaurs break free! A nearly deafening bellow sounds. (Wasn't that thing just muzzled?) A thunderous crash as it crashes through the wall between the gates. People awake from frozen shock into a wild sea of screaming and scattering. A horned beast the size of two warhorses charges past you through the north gate. A giant winged lizard swoops at the crowd a few times before flying over the walls to the East. Another leaps over the height of the crowd and joins the stampede west.

Fight with small dinos (Compsognathus) - You and market goers are attacked!

NPC - Beast Master - Hammond "Hold Onto Your Butts" Starlong, a Human Warlock

Assistant - Saurian Shaman named Drakiss Wintersbane.

Scene 2 Edit

Pterodacyl - In the foothills of the Longtooth Craigs.

Elevation issues - It is roosting high up.

Scene 3 Edit

Raptor - Fallen depths level 0

Fallen depths don't want you to gain entry from surface. Conflict for entry.

Scene 4 Edit

Triceratops riding druid - He's protesting the animal treatment in Acharis and responsible for releasing them. He has a dino egg.

Location - Fled to Drenglens (Halfling park).

Challenging the Druid - Side with him or fight him!

Other NPCs Edit

Another famous party of adventurers was tasked with retrieving the tyrannosaurus.  

Jayarun the Fearless - Golliath Paladin 

Halldrag Halfwit - Dwarven Sorcerer

Corsin Reynervak - Dex fighter

Gerrus the Nobody - Cloaked dragonborn figure