The Coalition of the peaceful was formed several hundred years ago in a coming together of several good Paladin orders (mostly lawful good) for the purpose of preventing suffering caused by war. To achieve this in most conflicts between civilised races the order remains neutral, only interfering when one side is clearly good and the other very much evil. The order includes Paladins but also Clerics, diplomats, medicine producing alchemist, more mundane doctors and a variety of other professions.

The front line of the order is always the priests of peace, these are a group of diplomats of a sort with a number of roles. Many are posted to give advice to the various leaders of civilised nations and factions tasked with trying to provide a moral compass for leaders and persuading them to avoid war. There are also many tasked with arranging diplomatic meetings between factions who are at war or close it in order to encourage a peaceful resolution. When these methods fail many of this order will be assigned to accompany armies in the field to try to persuade commanders who maintain good conduct by treating prisoners and civilians well.

The various medically minded members of the order will provide healthcare on and off the battle field to all sides during wartime, they are a common sight shortly after major battles crossing the blood soaked ground to save lives or help the dying to go with dignity.

The order is also known to have citadels within many cities though out the civilised world. As well as acting as permanent hospitals during a siege of the city these places provide refuge for civilians, keeping them from starving or being killed in the brutal street to street fighting if the walls are breached. In the countryside they will organise and protect convoys for refugees so that people driven from their homes by the fighting can travel in safety to new lands.